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Your Views: Dont tell me millage rate isnt an increase if I pay more taxes
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I was mad as hell after reading the June 5 article, “County ponders tax hike.” Hall County Commissioner Jeff Stowe was quoted as saying, “In my opinion, I don’t see it as a tax increase when you keep your millage rate exactly the same.”
How stupid does he think we taxpayers are? The millage rate stays the same and I write a check for property taxes that is up 34 percent over the last year? Just because I live on the lake?

I bought it in 2009 and there’s no way I could get close to what I paid for it if I had to sell it today. There have been no sales on my street since I bought my place and one of those houses has been on and off the market for the last four years. My taxes did not go down when the valuation did but it goes up now because some independent auditor thinks the value of my lot is up. I also have a boat that was depreciating at a rate of about 7 percent a year until now, when they claim it’s worth 32 percent more now.

So Mr. Stowe thinks by keeping the millage rate the same that our taxes won’t go up? Nonsense. Unless I win my appeals, I’ll be paying nearly $2,000 more taxes than I did last year. It’s not about the millage rate, Commissioner, it’s about the size check we have to write. That’s real. Scary this fundamental issue has to be explained to a commissioner, but I’ve come to expect this from politicians. Can’t trust them. Why do the same people keep getting re-elected?

Larry Fast

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