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Your Views: Dont let pundits paint a negative image of president
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Another election has come and gone. The president is about to finish his first term in office and start his second. I woke up the day after the election, and imagine my surprise when the world had not come to an end.

I thank God that I didn’t listen to all your letters to the editors and conservative columnists who wrote that life as we know it would end. Otherwise, I would still be in my bunker. It was already getting close in there.

Could it be that President Barack Obama is not a boogeyman after all? Perhaps he just has a different idea on how to govern than these people, which doesn’t mean he’s the devil or the Antichrist.

As a matter of fact, he appears by all indication to be what Republicans and conservatives hold so dear. He is a great family man, wonderful father and husband. There has never been a hint of scandal in his personal life, yet you would think he was evil incarnate to listen and read some of the letters.

A way to avoid this vitriol and hate would be to turn off Fox News, the Ann Coulters, Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs of the world. Try to get your news the old-fashioned way. Research the news without someone else’s analysis. Think for yourself and articulate your own thoughts without all of these talking heads inflaming your thought process.

Our country has survived the genocide of Native Americans, a civil war and two world wars, three wars in my lifetime that accomplished nothing more than the death of more than 60,000 young Americans, and the ugly history of our racial injustice.

Surely we can survive two terms of a president who is measured, thoughtful and very intelligent. Just because you may not agree with him doesn’t mean he is taking our country to its ruin.

So take a chill pill, turn off Fox News and pray for our president. Who we know was created in God’s own image. I know that God loves him and wants what is best for him.

Johnny V. Crumley

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