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Your Views: Deadly Ga. 365 crossroads needs to be made safer
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Even before our neighbor, Casey Turpin, was killed at the intersection of Ga. 365 and Howard Road, my husband and I referred to that intersection as the intersection of death. Trying to cross or enter Ga. 365 there is to take your life in your hands.

This is not a new problem; it has always been a challenge. The addition of the YMCA increased the risk, but the majority of entries were turning southbound, with traffic. Even so, those going northbound would stack up two or three deep in the intersection because it took so long to get across the southbound lanes.

The addition of the Racetrac gas station has increased the risk exponentially. You now have a high-volume business that attracts customers from the north and south. Just last week, I saw an elderly couple sitting in the intersection attempting to turn south after exiting the gas station. They obviously were not moving fast enough because a pickup truck joined them in the intersection, sped around them on the right, obstructing their view of the southbound traffic and totally cut them off to make his turn south.

The Georgia Department of Transportation thinks the solution to this is a flashing light and new paint on the road. I don’t know what their criteria is for a traffic light, but I guess it’s not three fatalities and an unknown number of lesser accidents. The intersection at White Sulphur Road and Ga. 365 with no major businesses and no foot traffic has a light and crosswalks.

I hope the DOT will wake up and give this intersection the light that it needs, with turn arrows, before someone else has to mourn a loved one at this very dangerous intersection.

June Van Alstyne

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