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Your Views: Day care center at hospital has been like a 2nd home to many
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I am writing in response to the closing of the Northeast Georgia Health System child care center. The decision has been made but I want people in our community to realize how special it has been to a lot of people.

To those who love and cherish it, the day care is a second home with a loving staff, a place where memories are made and friendships are formed that last a lifetime. Children all over Hall and surrounding counties whose parents are employees of the hospital have grown up here. This environment is comfortable, familiar and likely the only center the children knew.

Being the daughter of an employee of the child care center, the day care is very special. The idea of it being gone forever breaks my heart. After coming to the day care for almost 16 years now, its place in my heart has continued to grow, and where I hope to send my own children one day.

Throughout the years I spent there, I made memories, friends and relationships with the employees and the children. Even after going to elementary school, I came back every chance I got, and still do. The looks on the kids’ faces brighten my day and the staff is like my second family. I remember all the experiences I’ve had, from carrying a babydoll given to me by my baby room teacher to graduating from pre-K when I thought I was such a big girl.

Through good times and bad, the day care has been a major impact in forming me into the person I am. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized how much it actually meant to me and how much I loved it.

I could list all the things I like about each employee but there isn’t enough time or space to list all of their wonderful traits. The entire staff loves one another and has each other’s backs all the time. They have all impacted not only my life but the lives of many others. I can’t think of a better place for any parent to send their children.

It frustrates me when people judge things solely on what they see because the building isn’t the greatest, but the inside is wonderful. People overlook the workers here and might think they aren’t as important as doctors and nurses at the hospital, but to me they are equally or more important. Where would all these employees’ children go while their parents are working?

After the meeting where the staff was told their fate, I saw many comments on Facebook. A mother of a pre-K student stated, “Nice words and great teachers are hard to come by.” A longtime parent said, “It’s all because of you all, those we trusted with our prized possessions, to be the parent while we worked and we never had to worry that our kids weren’t cared for.”

You may say I’m only a 15-year-old kid, and everybody needs to open a new chapter in their lives. But what if the book isn’t finished being written? Think of all the employees, families and children who will have to leave behind what they have always known.

The day care is and always will be home to me.

Sydney Sanchez

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