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Your Views: County should ease spending, not roll up taxes
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“It’s not a tax it’s a roll-up.” Only a politician could have come up with that term. I would like to see what would happen if I went to my boss and said, “Boss I do not want a raise but I would like a salary roll-up so I can stay revenue neutral because of the cost of living and inflation.”

Do you think he would say, “Alan we can not afford to give you a raise; all salaries are frozen, but we can ‘roll’ you up 3 percent. As your boss, I wish I could have thought of that earlier.”?

I read in the paper a few weeks ago it takes the county three to four years to adjust home values when there is a decrease in property values. But it seems like it takes about 30 seconds to figure out how to get the same revenue out of Hall County home owners.

Also, I read that Hall County borrowed money it could not afford to pay back in anticipation that home values would keep going up and everything would be fine. The housing bubble broke and now they can’t pay the bills. The average household does not do that, so why should the county?

One article said that the county laid off a number of employees to help stay in budget, and if you read the whole article, it said the remaining employees will all get bonuses. Sad for those laid off employees. The new budget would add a 3 percent pay raise for county employees because officials are afraid they are going to lose good workers if they don’t.

News flash: Good workers leave companies every day. This is not new. Maybe everyone of these employees deserves a raise, but this is not the time. We all have choices; let them go on their way if they’re not happy.

People can put two and two together, and any reasonable person that reads your paper knows Hall County does not know how to live within its means and now we are all paying for it.

Maybe instead of “ rolling” up my millage rate you can find out why there a four school buses driving around my subdivision every afternoon with just a couple of kids in them. Can’t elementary kids ride with middle school kids? Or middle school kids ride with high school kids?

We are already paying a 1 percent E-SPLOST tax and are getting ready to pay 1 percent T-SPLOST tax, if it passes, which will bring Hall County to 8 percent sales tax. What is the max, a 10, 14, 15 percent sales tax?

Hall County needs to be a place people want to move to, not out of. I would like to thank the Times for keeping me informed on these important issues so when I go to the voting booth, I can vote for officials that share my same views.

Alan Blanchette

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