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Your Views: Climate change deniers fail to grasp true threat
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The two global climate change deniers in the Oct. 1 Gainesville Times seem to have joined the Ostrich Club, composed of those who, like fabled ostrich behavior, stick their heads in symbolic sand to avoid grave realities.

First, we have Rick Frommer stating “global warming proved to be a big fraud.” Guess I missed that “proof” while learning about the indisputable evidence that last year was the warmest on record in human history, and that temperatures have risen some dozen degrees over the past century. If such trends continue, Georgia will become uninhabitable, and America’s North will become the New Tropics.

As for Frommer’s comments — “water is now scarce in some parts of the world, so we should stop drinking it” and “save the earth; stop eating plants immediately!” — if those are intended to humorous, I am not at all amused. The Emperor Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned; Frommer jokes while the world endures severe and immediate climate crises. Think, as just one example, tornadoes all over the South recently, which once were mainly in the Midwest.

Then we have the Rev. Stacy Wade who dismisses all this indisputable global climate change as “no more than an elaborate hoax by the liberal elite for communistic ‘share the wealth’ ideology.” The good Rev. Wade goes on to claim several recent years of global cooling, and the view that “most human beings are not physically designed for a vegetarian diet.”

As a non-vegetarian myself, I do not disagree that meat is enjoyable, but then, there are hundreds of millions of Hindu vegetarians in India who have done well for centuries on that type of diet. The good reverend closes the letter by telling us to enjoy our pot roast tonight. I wonder what the climate-change deniers would be telling our children and grandchildren whose quality of life will have been inevitably worsened by the selfish and insensitive damage we continue to do to our only planet, the Earth?

Future generations are unlikely to forgive us for our unwise failure to act while we still can.

Dr. Eugene F. Elander


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