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Your Views: Church always has stood for sanctity of life
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I very much would like to correct a gross error which was written in Joan King's last article Feb. 7. The Roman Catholic Church has never permitted abortion. St. John, Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Great, indeed all the church fathers of the ancient undivided Catholic and Apostolic Church are unanimous in their condemnations of killing the human fetus.

The opinion Mrs. King alludes to in her despicable article was only a mere scientific speculation by St. Thomas Aquinas as to when the soul is united to the human body. With all due respect to the Anglican doctor, his opinion on this matter was never accepted by any historical Christian church.

Indeed, in another part of his "summon theologica," St. Thomas condemns abortion. All Christian churches have consistently (until quite recently) condemned abortions as murder and the state did as well until 1973.

The truth is, the human fetus is a person and is entitle to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Quite honestly I feel pity for Joan King and those who like her.

The Rev. Stacy Wade

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