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Your Views: Carson may be the healer nation needs
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I have seen many decades roll by like a flash in my lifetime. As I reflect on them, I can’t remember a time when we were in such dire need of leadership. If we continue to travel the road we are now traveling our destination is doom.

I ask myself, isn’t there someone in this great land, the crown jewel of the world, who has the wisdom and skill to put us on the highway of moral clarity and prosperity? There are some men and some women who are eagerly trying to convince us they can do this.

However, I have not seen anyone who measures up to Dr. Ben Carson. I believe he has the required attributes to bring about unity in the land, which is so desperately lacking, as opposed to the division we have seen in the last six years. He is a doctor who has proven he knows how to stop the bleeding and heal the sick. I am convinced he can also stop the hemorrhaging of hate and strife we are now suffering from in our land.

We, as a nation, have a hatred and moral cancer that is consuming our soul. We need a healer. We need a leader. Dr. Ben, I believe, is that man.

He has overcome some very challenging obstacles in his life from abject poverty to becoming a world-renowned surgeon. He is a breath of political fresh air, untainted by the usual party line bickering and caustic rhetoric. However, his most profound qualification is that he loves this country — he views it as “America the Beautiful” not as America he has to apologize for.

Perhaps he could also get us to that distant galaxy called “the bottom of it.” If so, he would probably find Lois’ emails among many other interesting bits of information. (Don’t think he is much of a golfer, either.)

Gary Gambrell

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