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Your Views: Board should follow the rules in selecting GHS valedictorian
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The Times article on the school board meeting the other night is a travesty to our community.

The black community has decided that not following the rules of choosing a valedictorian is appropriate and convenient to their agenda. Being represented by the national NAACP and Al Sharpton brings nothing to the table of any meaningful dialogue for a local discussion.

While I'm not a fan of Chris Mance's ability to make any decision, it's apparent he and his staff made their decision by following the rules in place, and even if that is not convenient at the time to the Stephens family, it is the way our system works. I would propose if their son was one 100th of a point lower, they would be screaming for treatment under the current rules.

If the board decides to overrule the administration, I would highly recommend the other family promptly file suit against the school system and let the courts decided if the rules were followed that are in place.

We currently have a government administration in Washington that feels the Constitution is there to be stepped on because rules get in the way. Don't let that work it's way down to the local communities. The superintendent said the school administrations have the authority to make these decisions, let them do it and move on.

Dean Warnock

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