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Your Views: Blending families requires plenty of patience, love
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In reference to Tuesday’s story “Seeking marital solace:” Stacey Reece was married to my daughter, Lydia Oglesby (who herself was a Belle of the Ball candidate finishing in fourth place) for about 20 years, and they gave me a grandson, Andrew Reece, who graduated with honors from West Georgia College in Carrollton (we were there). Also a granddaughter, Morgan Reece, who as a senior was the Belle of the Charity Ball (setting a record for a candidate’s fundraising with more than $104,000) and now is a freshman at the University of North Greenville, S.C., on a golf and academic scholarship.

About two years after they divorced, Lydia married Ron Hahne, an insurance agent. Without a single interruption on Christmas morning, Stacey and his wife, Mandy, have always hosted a hefty brunch in his home where his and our extended families eat and exchange gifts. We all hug and kiss each other, wishing a “Happy Christmas and great New Year.”

As your story pointed out, he is a deacon and heads a group helping families work out their problems. Today in our Kiwanis Club, Stacey sits on one side of me and Ron on the other. This “split family” works together helping each other as needed (even giving keys to respective homes).

I wrote about it in my autobiography “Making a Difference for Millions Worldwide.” Our experience should give others a path to marital success.

T.N. Oglesby Jr.

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