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Your Views: Biden laughed, sneered and raved for failed leftist ideals
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I watch the vice presidential candidates as they debated some of the gravest issue this country and the world has had to face in the last century or perhaps ever.

What I saw were two men who had the potential of becoming the most powerful person in the world. What a stark contrast between the two! One who attempted, over numerous rude interruptions, to present serious and workable solutions and the other regurgitating the same old “stuff” that has not worked in the last four years.

It was particularly disturbing to see how rude Joe Biden was with his constant interruptions, sneering, laughter, condescending attitude, etc. I got the impression he was afraid to let Paul Ryan speak for fear he would make him look so inept. If your position is based on factual truth, why do you have to fear what the other person has to say?

When you are engaged in trying to cope with a madman with atomic capability; an economy teetering on bankruptcy; a looming avalanche of taxes; an Arab Spring which has evolved into a cold and deadly winter; a war that continues to snuff out and wound our sons and daughters to no avail; a health care system to be dominated by a death panel; and the gutting of our military, it seems to me sneering is quite inappropriate.

These matters should be approached in a very somber and prayerful way and not from the stand point of how many “I gotchas” can be racked up.

The debate was very revealing to me in an odd sort of way. Biden’s continuous raving about the Dems’ concern for the middle class, undefined in my mind, and how they are going to rescue it, rings hollow based on how much they have helped it in the last four years. It came over as cruelly cynical in light of the billions squandered in the questionable cause of “helping” the middle class, which, I might add, are no better for it.

However, Good Old Joe presented an excellent example of where the leftist core, the vast majority, of the Democratic party is, i.e., destroy your opponent with lies, slander, win at any cost and to blazes with the country and the truth, they are irrelevant.

All you folks, who are contemplating punching the button for the Obama-Biden wrecking crew, keep in mind: If you think the last four years were bad, there will be a point in time — if they prevail, God help us if they do — when you will look back and realize those were the good old days.

Be aware that you will also be giving a self-worshipping , radical socialist and an arrogant buffoon four more years to finish the job, and the buffoon would be and is only a heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world. I do not sleep better knowing this.

Gary Gambrell

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