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Your Views: Ban large-magazine weapons, then buy them for law officers
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It is my hope that Congress will pass a law banning the civilian possession of any firearm that fires more than one bullet with one squeeze of the trigger. I hope this is what they mean when they talk about banning assault rifles. I do not need a gun that fires 900 bullets a minute to protect my home.

It is also my hope that there will be a six-month grace period during which the federal government will buy guns that will soon be illegal. At the end of the grace period, it should be a felony to have such a firearm.

It is also my hope that the federal government will make these “bought-back” weapons available to law enforcement personnel rather than destroying them. We don’t need such waste!

In a case where Junior wants to keep grandpa’s Bushmaster, it should be permanently disabled so he can legally have it as a keepsake.

Jim Waldrep

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