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Your Views: Backers of tax vote should be truthful
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If Hall County government/Chamber of Commerce/Hall Progress 2015 could be truthful about the SPLOST, the following is what they would say:

Dear county residents, we have spent your money on many unnecessary projects. Heck, we have even bought failed real estate deals in the name of economic development. We have come up with a list of needed projects to trick you into voting for this 17 percent tax increase. We are very proud of our list because no one can say our SPLOST projects are bad projects. Your local governments all did a great job developing this diversion from reality. This is a fair tax because everyone pays, even nonresidents! This way we can stick it to outsiders. Do not worry, we (your government) have no interest in a corresponding reduction in real estate tax. We want to screw our residents just like the visitors! Actually, we (your government) are just being conservative, proactive and looking ahead. We know, thanks to past SPLOSTs and your lack of interest, our staffing needs will only go up and in fact soon we will need to raise more taxes. Thank you for your vote. We really like to spend your money any way we want. Sincerely, your local elected officials.

I have an idea — stop the insanity, vote “No” for the SPLOST. The timing of this election was rescheduled just to increase the chances of its passing with a very low turnout. Your vote can make a difference! VOTE.

Bill Oberholtzer

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