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Your Views: Apartment plans will add to traffic on 2 busy roads
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To the residents and travelers on Price Road and Thompson Bridge Road:

I am a resident of the Walnut Grove subdivision on Price Road, and I am opposed to the changes the Riverbrook Village Partners have proposed for the property behind CVS pharmacy on Price Road.

Everyone who drives on Price Road or goes through the intersection of Price Road and Thompson Bridge Road will be affected by the changes approved by the Hall County Planning Committee. How can they think 200 apartments, down from the 288 the developers wanted, are not going to affect the traffic congestion on both Price and Thompson Bridge roads? How many times have you had to stop for a car to turn left into Walnut Grove? Do you realize the main entrance to the complex will be at the Walnut Grove entrance?

The developers are trying to tell us that the apartment complex is not going to affect the traffic and congestion, but how can we believe that 200 apartments are not going to have at least 200 more cars coming onto Price Road? I feel the developers don’t really care about the people in this area and just want to get something up so they can start making money.

I am not opposed to developing the area, but the original proposal of 45 town homes with retail space and entrance and exits on Thompson Bridge would not have adversely affected the area as much as this will. The developers at the planning committee meeting stated there would be 148 permanent jobs developed with the apartment complex. I have lived in apartments before, and I have never seen an apartment complex the size they have proposed that would have that many permanent employees.

If you live in the area or just travel through the area, please look at the proposal and contact Hall County commissioners at 770-535-8288 and let them know your opinion. Attend the commission meeting Dec. 13, and let your voice be heard.

Karen Robertson

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