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Your Views: Anti-abortion GOP platform anything but a war on women
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As a woman, I take exception to the idiocy of political arguments that Republicans are waging a war on women or that they were taking a step back in women’s rights because they came out with a strong pro-life platform.

Why do otherwise intelligent people swallow hook, line and sinker the lies of the abortion industry and think they are standing up for the rights of women when they support this multibillion-dollar industry in its efforts to wipe out our future generations for the sake of convenience and financial gain?

Probably the most influential force in this public brainwashing spectacle is Planned Parenthood. After all, it brings in over $150 million annually from this ghoulish trade.

Women have a right to know that abortion isn’t removing some blob of tissue from their body, but a living child, totally separate from but dependent upon her body for life and sustenance.

Every day in this nation, more than 3,700 babies are ripped from the safety of their mothers’ wombs by greedy doctors. Only 1 percent of that number, or 37, are the product of rape or incest. Only 6 percent, or 222, are taken because of potential health problems of the mother or child. That means that the other 93 percent, or 3,441 per day, of babies are killed for the convenience of the mother. What kind of society are we living in that thinks it’s OK to kill a child just because they don’t want it?

Women also have a right to know they are endangering their own lives and health by having an abortion. Here are a few things they have a right to know:

They could die. More than 386 women have died because of legal abortions between 1973 (when abortions became legal) and 2004.

They can suffer major complications during the procedures, including cervical lacerations and injury, uterine perforations, bleeding, hemorrhage, serious infection, pain and incomplete abortions. Even chemical abortion with the drug RU-486 can result in hemorrhage, infection, missed ectopic pregnancy and death.

They can suffer long-term complications which can result in premature births and placenta previa in future pregnancies. Both of these conditions lead to numerous medical complications for both the baby and the mother, including cerebral palsy, multiple physical and mental abnormalities and death of the mothers and/or babies.

Many scientific studies have indicated that induced abortion, especially of her first pregnancy, can increase a woman’s future risk of breast cancer.

Researchers have also identified a pattern of psychological problems, known collectively as post-abortion syndrome, in which women may experience major depression, anxiety disorder, anger, flashbacks, guilt, suicidal behaviors, grief, denial, and relationship problems. Post-abortion syndrome has been identified in research as a subset of post-traumatic stress disorder.

So who is really waging war on women? And how are Republicans setting back women’s rights when they take a stand for life and health for women, and life over death for their unborn babies?

Margaret Wolf

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