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Your Views: America should take care of its own needy first
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I recently read in The Times, and I was not really surprised, what sweet idea America has now: Tens of thousands of immigrant children are allowed here, in the good old u.s.a. via Florida.

Yes, I put “u.s.a.” in small letters because that is now my opinion of this country’s ideas. Do you know we already have tens of thousands of underprivileged children here, right now? American-born children. So what is being done about that problem is bringing others over here? Pretty stupid, I’d say.

We have real poor and homeless Americans, veterans who are treated like a bag of dirty diapers and money is given to people, some who don’t need the assistance. The elderly are ignored and put aside, people who do need help.

Soon there will be no room to even take a breath. Just keep packing them in, America. Playing hero is not the answer for us; taking care of this country is the answer, but no one seems to want to do so. Embarrassing!

I care about America’s poor, homeless, elderly and veterans who gave their lives. What is this country running on right now? Stupidity!

Carol Singleton

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