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Your Views: America and the world should acknowledge Armenian genocide
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In regards to the recent articles concerning the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, I would like to say that it is to the everlasting shame of this government that it will not acknowledge what all reputable historians recognize as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Our president promised before he was elected that he would officially recognize this shameful genocidal slaughter of the world’s oldest Christian nation. But it seems that placating his Muslim friends, the Turks who have escaped censure for their war crimes for over a century, is more important to him.

The Muslim fanatics are still at it in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world and the administration of Barack Obama still refuses to call it by its right name: Islamic terrorism.

We sit on the stool of do-nothing while Christians are slaughtered. One and a half million Armenian christians were murdered by the Turks and it is nigh time the nation of Turkey be called to account. Otherwise, the world must need to apologize to the Germans.

The Rev. Stacey Wade

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