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Your Views: ALS bucket challenge is a noble cause
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I read with interest but disappointment the comments by Guy Jordan in The Times Aug. 23 regarding his concern and being upset because Brenau University participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, and his perspective on how this type of goodwill activity could be counterproductive and dangerous “in the long run.”

Mr. Jordan’s comparing the ALS bucket challenge to “fire challenges, eraser challenges and pass out challenges” would appear to substantiate how some can be so narrow-minded with regard to the subject. In making such a comparison, Mr. Jordan must not know anything about the disease, how much good the ALS provides in research, assistance and the care for the thousands of ALS sufferers throughout the United States.

Nor does it appear he has any knowledge of the devastation, suffering and ultimate death an ALS patient goes through in the years following their diagnosis. It is obvious he does not have this knowledge, nor does he have a loved one or family member, as we do, who suffers from this disease.

I would suggest Mr. Jordan get the facts before criticizing such an important and worthwhile effort by so many dedicated volunteers. From his comments, he is likely an educator since he refers to “students” in his diatribe against the ALS bucket brigade. He states that the adult judgment does not fully mature until their mid-20s. If this is so, we must then have a great number of immature drivers, voters, and workers out there who are under the mid-20s.

Obviously we cannot teach good judgment. However, it could be that some of our educators, and parents as well, could be stressing some good common sense practices and more simple common courtesies. Hundreds, and most likely by this time thousands, of compassionate and unselfish private citizens, students, businesses and educators are giving hundreds of hours to make this ALS bucket challenge a great help for a very worthwhile cause.

Mr. Jordan’s comments are an insult to these folks who have worked so hard. He complained we are sending a message that challenges for a cause is no different than those frivolous dangerous which he refers to. There is a huge difference. The ALS ice bucket challenge is a serious and important effort to raise funds to fight this horrendous terminal disease for which there is no cure.

His assessment of this activity must not be in step with the thinking, concern and generosity of much more “educated” population. The bucket challenge to date has raised more than $100,000. Thanks to this response, perhaps a cure can be found just a little earlier. Our thanks to all those who have worked so hard to make the bucket challenge the success it has been.

Bill Beaty
Flowery Branch


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