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Your Views: Addictive behavior can be turned into community service
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I am an addict. I take all things I like to excess. I am now 45 years old and a full two seconds away from a bad decision, instead of one second like when I was younger.

Why do I mention this? It’s because now instead of being bored and doing things I might regret later, I spend my spare time doing work in the community. I like doing lake and stream cleanups. I have learned to embrace my addictive personality to use it for good.

For all those who have addictive personalities, instead of self-medicating with alcohol or drugs or making poor life decisions, try community service and volunteering. Hall County has hundreds of ways to get involved (like the Hall County Green Alliance).

You may be surprised of how much better you feel about yourself and the community you live in after getting involved. Be addicted to good.

Robert Eidson

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