BREAKING: Single-engine plane crashes near Memorial Park Drive
A single-engine plane crashed in the Memorial Park Drive area of Gainesville, police said. Memorial Park Drive at Cross Street is closed, and police are asking for drivers to take alternate routes. The Times has staff members headed to the scene.
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Your Views: ACF group has not yet taken a stance on Glades Reservoir
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In the March 24 article, “Glades Reservoir creates ripples downstream,” some readers may have received the impression that Dave McLain, who stated his opposition to the Glades Reservoir, was speaking on behalf of the ACF Stakeholders Inc., an organization made up of representatives from the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint sub-basins of the entire ACF watershed.

While Mr. McLain as an individual has every right to express his own opinion, he was not speaking on behalf of our stakeholder group. ACF Stakeholders Inc. has not taken a position on the Glades Reservoir or any other reservoir.

Overall, this was a fine and well-balanced article on a very controversial topic and far better than many that I have read. I simply wanted to make sure that your readers understand that our organization has not taken any position on this topic.

Charles Stripling
Chairman, ACF Stakeholders Inc., Albany

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