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Voters, be wary when politicians join forces with business interests
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In the Sept. 12, letters section of your paper, Jim Waldrep and Mickey Montgomery complained America isn’t the grand moral utopia of yesteryear and today’s politicians cannot be depended upon to deliver for the common good.

Meanwhile on page 6A, an article appeared that demonstrates even more vividly both men’s points: “South Carolina official threatens to sue over nuclear fuel project.” It seems business interests in South Carolina and Georgia want the Mixed Oxide fuel project to be continued and are willing to sue your government to force taxpayers to continue the farce, although it is 15 years behind schedule and 750 percent over budget.

Clearly politicians and private contractors are making a moral morass out of MOX that was intended to make useful nuclear fuel out of outdated nuclear weapons. This project costs $350 million annually into perpetuity unless congress ends it. Sen. Lindsay Graham alone stands in the way wasting millions of dollars every year.

Far more serious and devastating to taxpayers is the farce Georgia Power has perpetrated on the public in the guise of public service. Through a great public deception, Georgia Power has managed to collect $100 million in profit from the device of getting you to pay for construction work in progress. Thus your Public Service Commission blithely approves continuation of projects that Georgia Power Annual Reports demonstrate are neither on time, on budget or even required to satisfy utility demands.

GP reports capacity utilization for 2012-2014 from 54 to 58 percent; roughly half the capacity is not utilized now, yet we continue to reward mismanagement with 10 percent guaranteed profits no matter the overruns and the costs. Is this socialism or capitalism?

I don’t know what American voters want. I read polls and hear opinions expressed all over the place. I understand a majority of Americans approve of increasing the taxes millionaires and billionaires actually pay.

I understand a large majority approve of background checks and eliminating loopholes so the mentally ill are prevented from getting firearms. I see where a single-payer health insurance program would save billions if not trillions of tax dollars.

I am suspicious that the risks of rising sea levels, increased intensity of natural disasters and disappearance of untold numbers of species each year are being hidden from our view. These are real outrages. Our people seem helpless in the face of special interests and corrupt immoral politicians. Will voters do better in 2016?

Hoyt Oliver
Sautee Nacoochee

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