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There are ways to boost income besides furloughs
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In attending the North Hall budget meeting in Clermont, I came away with some good points that were made in the meeting and some views that were made in a state of emotion.

As a county employee for the last 18 years, I have enjoyed working with the people in my office and especially the public that I serve. Even though I suffer along with the rest of the workplace financially and have given up much, I do enjoy my job and working with and for the public that I serve.

Two points were made at the meeting that made good sense and I hope will be looked at when the budget is finally published. One, delinquent property taxes for years and years have not been collected as they should be and the county stands to continue to lose these monies if that problem is not solved.

Two, the Business License Department has asked for help in collecting sales taxes by businesses that are not paying their fair share and this practice needs to be addressed. If the businesses do not pay their fair share of taxes, they should lose their license, bottom line.

Also in the meeting, Commissioner Scott Gibbs stated that the county will have layoffs and employees who are fortunate enough to keep their jobs will have nine more furlough days added to their paychecks.

You cannot balance the budget on the backs of the county employees. But as an employee, I do want to keep my job and if that is a burden I have to bear, then I will do so. Why you say? Because I love my job and love the people I come in contact with every day I serve this county.

Debra Duncan

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