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Students need bigger and better meals than federal bureaucrats allow
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There are many problems in America that deeply concern me. That problem is school meals. The government, through the Food and Drug Administration, has ignorantly suggested processed foods be served in school meals. Are they not aware that processed foods are not healthy? Do they even care?

Michelle Obama has had a hand in decreasing the size of school meals. Let’s sit one of these pathetic school lunches in front of the FDA and Michelle and watch how they tolerate it.

If left up to them, these school kids would end up with a carrot for lunch. These children are suppose to be the future of our country; but will they be able to or will they be too sickly from malnutrition from neglect?

We must help these children, not take away from them what is rightly theirs. This country is sending food overseas and neglecting our own people. Stop it! Our children could use that food and we could send other countries (although I don’t know why) that processed food that the FDA is so fond of.

Stop making America look stupid and weak. If we want a future we must take better care of our children so there can be a future. Do we want them standing tall or crawling on their knees?

Teachers work very hard to educate children. They don’t have time to stop their students from falling asleep simply because they didn’t have enough lunch to keep their minds active.

I can’t change this country by myself. I need help. Is there anyone out there?

Carol Singleton

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