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Referring to fringe groups as militia tarnishes our real citizens defense
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In light of recent media coverage of the four alleged North Georgia terrorists, it's time to set the record straight on the meaning of "militia."

For years, the news media has used the term "militia" to describe any number of disgruntled, outlaw, separatist, terrorist groups or cults operating within our national borders, and frankly, our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

The true and noble origin of the term "militia" and those to whom its title is awarded is as far on the opposite spectrum of the four accused "nuts" as day and night. This country was founded by the militia: loosely organized groups of professionals, shopkeepers, farmers, etc. with a vested interest in protecting their homes and families from disaster, whether man-made or natural. This citizens militia provided the core of George Washington's Continental Army and gave their lives defending against all terrorists, foreign and domestic.

Title 38 of the Georgia Code, Chapter 2, Article 1, Part 1, subsection D constitutes all able-bodied men of the state of Georgia between ages 17 and 45 as "members of the State Militia." So singling out a fringe group of terrorists and calling them "militia" is not only an insult to law-abiding residents of Georgia, but a blatant misrepresentation of the true purpose of the state militia: "To protect and defend the State constitution, its government and citizens with our lives and property."

The true and legal militia of this great state is directly and completely opposed to any and all activities of any other terrorist groups that seek for overthrow and violence within our borders, and we have and will continue to oppose such dangers with our lives if we must.

Does the real Georgia militia and its charter sound like the same fringe groups that the media continues to tout as "militia?" The real militia is organized and acts under the direction of the governor and his adjutant general, not at the whims of some disgruntled crackpot.

The arrest of four men in a covert group accused of terrorism is a great wakeup call for Georgians and the true state militia to step up preparations to defend, assist and educate our neighbors and friends. We, all of us, the Georgia state militia, continue a long, unbroken line of courage, sacrifice and patriotism. Let's hold our heads high, be ever vigilant and not allow these terrorists to taint our noble heritage and purpose.

Carl Dann

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