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Plan to ruin US goes against our nations founders
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I have often wondered what it would take to bring this country down short of a military invasion. These are some of the things that came to mind.

First, elect a leader whose primary objective would be to fundamentally change the country with the rhetorical skills to convince the less-informed that change is always good and big government is the tool you use to bring it about.

To implement the plan, I think these things would be in his or her playbook:

Destroy the currency with massive debt.

Create an electorate that is addicted to "entitlements" and take over all medical care.

Instigate and promote class warfare, i.e., the poor versus the rich.

Enhance and actively support a merciless war on the unborn, and by doing so, lower the birthrate below replacement. This will destroy those needed to support the future of entitlements.

Denigrate our country and apologize to the world for our evil ways.

Weaken our military by initiating social experiments, cut funding, withdraw from conflicts and declare victory thereby insulting the families of the dead and wounded, demoralizing the troops and telling the world our word is worthless.

Assist and work toward electing legislators with supporting agendas and surround yourself with advisers who are socialist or academic idiots, or both.

Hobble the private sector with excessive regulations and squander taxpayers' money on half-baked, unworkable "green" projects, while restricting the development of our own energy sources.

Use executive orders to circumvent the Constitution, Congress and the people.

Constantly press for more punishing taxes while advocating more government spending.

Climb in bed with unions, big money and then pull up the covers.

Condone lawlessness, i.e., praise the occupiers.

Appoint, support and praise a corrupt Justice Department.

Lavishly use taxpayers' money to maintain your strangling grip

I think this would do the job. However, it sure is a great comfort to know the people of this great nation would never, ever tolerate anyone who had the slightest inclination to take us down such a road.

It just would not happen because it flies in the face of everything our Founders had in mind when they wrote the rule book.

Gary Gambrell

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