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Opinion: We need to come together as a nation to move forward
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To the common man and woman:

Surely we all want a better country and world. We look for answers and we hear extremes that are confusing. We are a democracy, but we have borrowed the good parts from socialism.

In the 1930s, President Roosevelt proposed a law that would keep many from falling into despair. Social security, that would mandate all citizens pay into. The law was met with accusations of socialism and communism. The only reason that we have social security today is because of a majority in the House and Senate that the Democrats held.

Lyndon Johnson proposed Medicare for the elderly and in 1965 it passed the House and Senate only because one party held the majority in both houses. Medicare also was labeled as being socialism.

We have split our nation with the left/right, like children on a playground. We need no bullies on either side, only realizing that we are all a team working together to make our country better for all of its citizens. Government for the people, by the people, of the people. This is America.

All people abhor abortion and it should be confronted in reality and education. In ages past, youth in their teens married not long after the call of nature. Families were enormous and many couldn’t afford the demands. Confront this issue with honesty and no shame attached. Birth control, not abortion -- we all care about life and its realities.

In conclusion, I am a man 78 years old. I have no ties except to my fellow citizens. God bless our wonderful country.

Dan Hicks

Norris, Tenn.

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