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Opinion: We must look at important issues and allow faith to guide us
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It is reported that in 1952 Billy Graham said, “I think it’s the duty of every individual Christian at election time to study the issues, study the candidates, then go to the polls and vote.” 

Many of you have already voted and many will vote on Election Day.  It is my hope that you will consider the issues that will affect the future of our nation and place those issues ahead of party loyalty or the personality of the candidate.  

Some of the most critical issues that we face are: 

  • Federally funded abortion 
  • Religious liberty 
  • Traditional marriage and sexual identification 
  • Global human rights 
  • Supreme Court 
  • Economic opportunity and prosperity 
  • National defense 
  • Immigration reform 
  • International relations and treaties 
  • Israel and Middle East peace 
  • Law and order and civil society 
  • Racial equity through equal opportunity 
  • Constitutional government over anarchy 

These issues will guide our nation in the coming years.  They are issues that should be determined by the will of the governed and not political elitists.  

Before you vote, consult your conscience and allow your faith to guide you. 

When the results are in, praise God for we know that he is sovereign and his will is being accomplished. 

Thomas Day 


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