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Opinion: Recent letter ignores Republicans’ spending habits
02012018 LETTER

On reading Dick Biggs’ recent letter, I’ll say he seems to have all the answers, as long as he gets to cherry pick the issues and ask all the questions. His letters consistently say Republicans good, Democrats bad. It would be nice if the world were that simple, but it’s not.

Consider his last four letters: In these letters, Biggs uses fear and scare tactics to motivate readers. In his July 2 letter, he claimed “radical Democrats are hell-bent on turning America into a socialistic nation.” He also said Democrats want to “bankrupt America” and fill the Supreme Court with “activist justices.”

Let’s have a closer look: Forbes magazine recently announced the U.S. war in Afghanistan cost $300 million a day, every single day, for 20 years. The cost so far is more than $2 trillion. The war in Afghanistan was started by President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. By the year 2050, the cost of paying interest alone on our Afghan war debt could reach $6.5 trillion. And we haven’t even mentioned the $2.2 trillion cost of the failed war in Iraq. That war was also started by President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. The complete cost of these two wars in blood and treasure is almost incalculable. 

Did Dick Biggs ever talk about this incredible waste of money bankrupting America? As near as I can tell, no. He has been ominously silent. Apparently he believes money wasted in failed foreign wars is OK but spending to meet the needs of American citizens and repair our local infrastructure is unacceptable.

President Donald Trump set a date for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. President Biden honored Trump’s decision. Now Biggs wants you to believe the consequences of the entire failed Afghan war are all Biden’s fault. We know better.

In his Aug. 13 letter, Biggs claimed Democrats have a long history of racism. However, he insists the last election was stolen and Republicans must “fix” the broken electoral system by enacting partisan legislation which effectively targets and decreases the ability of legitimate citizens to access the polls and vote. These citizens are typically Black, minority, the elderly and the poor. That sounds strategically racist to me.

Voting rights and poll access for all citizens could be equalized by Democratic legislation (the Freedom to Vote Act), which would provide assurance once offered to minorities by the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Unfortunately, Republicans are marching in lock-step to block it. Whose political interests are they serving?

In his Sept. 14 letter, Biggs opines that President Biden is “unfit to serve as president.” It’s interesting he never wrote a letter to complain about any shortcomings of recent Republican presidents like George W. Bush and Donald Trump. His silence speaks volumes.

In his Oct. 15 letter, Biggs infers Democrats follow an “evil ideology” because they support a secular government, while Republicans support Judeo-Christian values. Gimme a break. Using God as a campaign prop is manipulative and inappropriate.

Bruce Vandiver


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