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Obamas policies are changing the country, but not for the better
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I'd like to mention just a few things about our president that really disturb me.

During his campaign for president, Barack Obama voiced his intention to fundamentally change our nation. To my mind, that equates to a complete transformation from everything America stands for. I don't want to see such a change.

This president force-fed his radical agenda to the American people despite the will of the people to the contrary. His empty promises and unending failed policies have become stifling to our nation.

Some time back, Obama appointed the CEO of General Electric Co. as chairman of the advisory committee on economic concerns and job creation. GE posted $88 billion in profits last year but paid no tax. This CEO has proposed building a $200 billion facility to build commercial air liners in China to compete with Boeing, an American corporation.

During the gas crunch we're all encountering, Obama drew out 60 million barrels of our oil reserves to address this problem. Did you know that the lion's share of that oil went to European countries?

He has successfully destroyed our economy, diminished our stature as a world leader and divided our nation as no other president ever has.

Obama does not love America. He is not our friend and he lies. This president takes vacations and blames every one else for his incompetence and failed policies.

We absolutely must remove him in 2012, if for no other reason than our very survival as a functioning free people.

Mickey Montgomery