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My wish list for a true leader as next president
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Irony plays a strange role. This appeared in The Times horoscope section: "For every piece of advice there is another pointing in the opposite direction." Also, "you'll be given a lot of raw ingredients and not too much as to how to put it all together."

I applied those words to the selection of candidates for the up coming presidential election.

Over the years, we have seen the media and political parties try to select the candidate for us. They usually use fear and character assassination to do this. I choose not to play their game and I'm trying to make up a profile for the person I'd like to vote for. The profile is idealistic and the candidate is human. I'm not going to get what I want, but I'd like to get as close as possible.

Perhaps other voters can send their "profile input" to The Times could create and publish a composite, entitled "The Voters Wish List."

I want a candidate:

• To represent all Americans, not just a few.

• Who respects the office of president and will conduct himself accordingly.

• Who is proud of our country and what it stands for.

• Who is a leader, not a boss. I expect him to conduct himself with the decorum identified with the job and not talk down to his employers.

• Who respects the rule of law. Too many people have learned to use the law to their advantage. Latest example, "the insider trading exposure."

• Who is proactive, not reactive. Anyone who is capable and concerned should be able to solve a problem, but it takes someone special to prevent them.

• President Harry Truman after he left office, turned down numerous job offers. He said "They don't want me, they want the president." I admired his stand and I want a candidate who will not sell himself for personal gain.

• Where there is competition, there will be a winner and a loser. A true leader will act as a winner but will still respect the views and opinions of the losers.

I hope there will be responses and add-ons.

George Koesters

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