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Movie reviews unfairly attack uplifting films by Tyler Perry
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In the midst of all the devastation and critical issues we are dealing with, I find it hard to believe that I'm writing about what seems to be such a trivial matter. But then I think that's exactly why I am expressing my thoughts.

We, the average Joes, are desperately seeking a dash of laughter to be injected in our everyday, sometimes overburdened lives. My problem-I must beg to differ with your Get Out film reviews regarding Tyler Perry. For the last few weeks, the reviewers have continued to write negative remarks and comparison concerning Mr. Perry's films, movie sets, cinematography and our loving Madea.

For such a time as this, a Tyler Perry is just what some of us need to be taken away from our worldly problems, if only for a few hours. Not only do we love Tyler Perry as Madea, we admire and appreciate the fact that his company employs so many that may otherwise be out of work, he continuously gives back to the community and makes a huge contribution to our bottom line: our economy.

These facts alone makes me feel that I want to be supportive of one who supports us. I certainly hope that your film reviewers' negativity would not be a guide that one uses to judge the measure of a man and his work both on and off the movie set.

Mr. Perry has said Madea would be gone in an instant if we did not want to see her. I'm positive that there are more that want to see her than not, as the reviewers obviously disagree. I feel Mr. Perry's ability to make us laugh, being supportive, his contributions, and accomplishments are to be commended and celebrated, not criticized. If more of us would do what he does, this world would be a better place to live.

Therefore, I say much love and thank you to Mr. Perry for the fabric of a man that he exemplifies. I pray that Mr. Perry continues to keep us laughing, enlightened, empowered and most importantly, praying.

Alice Randolph Williams

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