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Link federal debt to politicians pay, plus other fixes for what ails America
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Here’s a bold, common-sense 20-point plan to return America to economic and political sanity:

• Place term limits on every elected politician, with no more than eight years of total service regardless of the office. It might be the only way for politicians to do what’s right for the nation instead of worrying about their lucrative careers.

• Discontinue the salaries of the president, vice president and all members of Congress until they agree to balance the federal budget and deal with runaway spending.

• Make the reduction of the national debt a top priority before America ends up like Greece and other socialist nations.

• Reduce taxes so that employers will hire more people and create more tax revenue for federal debt reduction. What a concept!

• Decrease government regulation so that employers will hire more people and create more tax revenue for federal debt reduction. Another incredible concept!

• Change the laborious U.S. tax code by adopting a consumption tax and axing the IRS.

• Eliminate other federal agencies such as Energy, Education, HUD and EPA, to name a few, and impose hiring freezes at any agency not related to national security.

• Make major changes to Social Security for people ages 45 and younger.

• Scrap Obamacare, which is unsustainable and unaffordable.

• Phase out the U.S. Postal Service, which is losing billions annually.

• Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by tapping into the vast national resources in the far West, Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and elsewhere. This will save billions over time.

• Put a lifetime limit of 12 months on people receiving food stamps and unemployment insurance.

• Phase out all welfare payments that provide an incentive for able-bodied people to collect unearned checks instead of working for a living.

• Make it illegal to attach unnecessary and expensive “pork” expenditures to otherwise necessary legislation.

• Secure our southern border and quit giving money and other benefits to illegal immigrants.

• Stop giving money to nations who aren’t loyal allies and use these funds to strengthen our military power in the fight against Islamic terrorism and other domestic threats.

• Cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood and any other organizations that perform abortions.

• Use Air Force One for essential travel only. Vacations to Hawaii, trips to hobnob with celebrities and appear on television shows, excessive campaign treks and jaunts to Oslo, Norway, to accept an undeserved Nobel Prize shouldn’t qualify.

• Oust all of the president’s worthless czars, who are a total waste of taxpayer money.

• Ensure that no government agency spends irresponsibly on meetings, including lavish presidential inaugurations, and hold them accountable.

Tough times call for tough decisions, so the only question is: Do our elected politicians have the guts to act now, or will they continue to delay and make it worse for us and especially future generations? Our right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” hangs in the balance.

Dick Biggs

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