BREAKING: Authorities investigating possible homicide in Talmo Road area
The Hall County Sheriff’s Office said it is conducting a death investigation Wednesday, April 21, involving a possible homicide off of Talmo Road.
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Hall County commissioners should forfeit their salaries
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How many of the commissioners would consider working with pay and forfeit their salaries to help the budget?

I know it takes money to live, but if I can live without having a job, why can't these commissioners? Leadership starts at the top and goes down. If I was a commissioner of Hall County, I would not want a salary so I could help this county.

Somewhere all of us would need to make a sacrifice in order to "make ends meet" for our community. I know the commissioners have a tough job and I applaud their efforts. Start by forfeiting their own salary, and those being asked for furloughs on their jobs would follow suit by following good leadership.

Oh well, a change is on the way. My prayers are with you all. Working together, we can get things accomplished.

Earnest Mason

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