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Guns in church are a violation of what our faith represents
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I am not surprised when I see an article on the front page of The Times that reads: "Group takes guns in church case to federal appeals court." Also, it is not a surprise that some local churches are offering differing views on the issue.

Being an American that cherishes freedom, and also one the realizes that even freedom should have boundaries, I find it difficult to see the need to allow guns to be openly carried to church, a place that teaches just the opposite of what guns represent when in the wrong hands.

I agree with Dr. Bill Coates, pastor of First Baptist Church. I don't think that I am the only one, if the truth be known. Some churches may find it necessary to exercise the freedom of choice to carry guns to the house of God. But as for me, I find it a disgrace, and a direct insult against our Lord, when we stoop to the level that we have to carry guns to the house of God. That is just another step closer to disgrace the church and the head thereof.

We are getting closer and closer to the point of disregarding the church or anything that represents such for the so-called purpose of freedom or the right to do whatever one's appetite or choice may be. We are paying a big price for something that is destroying our society little by little in the name of freedom and rights to do whatever.

Jesse Jenkins

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