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Georgia does not need money earned from casino gambling
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"Casinos could produce $1 billion a year," but for who? I hope the people of our beloved state won't fall for that line. That statement could be true, but who would benefit from the proceeds? I hope the schools won't be used to get something like that passed.

Remember the lottery and what it was supposed to do for the schools? It is very sad that our schools were used for such a purpose. The fruits are being seen in streets and homes throughout our own state and nation.

If the truth was known, winners probably have got most of the money that was promised to schools. And what the schools have received wouldn't cover the cost for the damages that dirty money produced or caused.

Most states may have casinos or some sort of gambling, but that is not a good enough excuse for our state to follow suit. There is enough bad publicity connected to some schools. We do not need any more causes or things corruptive connected to our community or schools.

The studies that experts do concerning such things as lotteries, casinos and just plain gambling never tell us the corruption and heartache that follows. Those things produce other things that people with loving hearts for their fellow man don't need. And if people are smart, they will pass up such publicity, regardless how good it looks.

I hope our governor and other public leaders will continue to look the other way when tempted. The Times and other organizations do their duty by printing the news, but it is left up to us to know what is best for our community or state. We see the corruption that follows such things in other states. We can do without that.

Jesse Jenkins

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