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Ethics, truth should matter in a president
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Watching the political theater that is the Hillary Clinton campaign has been entertaining as both a comedy and as an epic horror. Comic in that someone with her baggage, ethics and abilities is even being considered as commander in chief, and horrific in that there is probably a better than even chance that she might succeed.

However, as entertaining as the whole spectacle may be, there are points of immense importance to be considered. How can someone with her loose grasp of truth and ethics be considered as a viable candidate by her party? What does it say about the character of the members of her party that they feel that ignoring her words and actions can be justified to further the agenda of their vision of a larger and more progressive government?

What does it say about the possible makeup of that future administration if ethics and truth can be disregarded to such a degree in the pursuit of election?

One only has to look to Stalin, Mao and Hitler to see the results of seeking an agenda without consideration of the character of the leader implementing that agenda. Does the empowerment of those who are unproductive borne on the backs of those who are productive work to the long term good of our country even if it does lead to election today?

Independent conservatives must ask ourselves some probing questions. Do we still believe that we are each responsible for our own life? Do we believe that the only way for charity to be given is through the success of benevolent individuals, not by the will of a malevolent government?

We do not have the imminent demise of what has been the greatest country in all of history due to our leaders. We have the leaders that we have due to the people that we have become. Few problems are ever solved without an honest look into a mirror and the ability to remember the face that we saw there.

We must vote; more than that we must hold those that we elect accountable. We must realize that there are traits of character that have made our country great and hold to those. If we surrender that which is good we will be of no good to anyone. Our past greatness will only show more clearly what we will have become.

Eddy McEntire

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