Hall, Gainesville schools closed Tuesday due to weather
The following are closings and delayed openings due to the winter storm:
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Education sales tax is still best option for funding local schools
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To maintain the excellent reputation of our local school systems, we must continue to invest in technology, building repairs and upgrades, and new facilities. It’s a basic fact of life. So it really comes down to two funding options for our local schools: Increase property taxes (ugh!) or continue our one-penny sales tax for local education expenses (yes!).

No one likes taxes, but the education sales tax is certainly the fairest and most affordable way to help fund our schools. I personally don’t notice the extra 1 percent tax on my purchases because it’s the same local sales tax levied by just about every county in Georgia.

Plus, since we are a shopping and dining destination, a good bit of our education sales tax is paid by visitors to Gainesville and Hall County. I hope that everyone will join me in voting “yes” to keep the E-SPLOST in place for another five years. It has been a wise investment for our community and schools.

Deborah Mack

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