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Easy answers to our problems require only common sense
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As I ponder the things I see and hear on the news each day, I am appalled and confused by the obvious gullibility and a complete lack of common-sense solutions to so many of the important issues plaguing our nation by those who have been entrusted with leading our nation. I'd like to suggest just a few things that I think might just work.

As to our national debt, stop spending money we don't have; in other words, simply live within our means. As to taxes; abandon the millions of confusing tax laws; instate a flat tax for everyone at some reasonable rate. Do you know that only about 50 percent of our people pay taxes at all? The corporate entities have so many loopholes that most pay no taxes.

Eliminate lobbyists and all loopholes and eliminate giveaway programs to those able to work but won't. Drastically diminish the power of our corrupt labor unions and offer incentives to bring our big businesses to return home and create jobs for Americans, not the Chinese.

As to our energy issue, give our nation, not Brazil, the right to drill in the Gulf. We have more oil in ANWR in Alaska than Saudi Arabia. Let's extract it and use it for our own use and end our dependence on the Middle East cartel; they're not our friends, anyway. Quit groveling at the feet of our enemies and support the only true ally we have: Israel.

Put God back in our nation and elect responsible leaders that love our nation and have our best interests at heart. Throw Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Janet Napolitano and the rest of these bums out and let's save our nation.

Mickey Montgomery

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