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Drastic steps are needed to trim Hall Countys spending habits
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In response to a recent headline, it is about time that we start taking some drastic steps to a drastic problem. Cutting these services is a great start. However, I would like to make two points.

First, we are preparing for a $11.5 million shortfall. We should plan on a $20 million shortfall. Things are not going to get any better in the next year. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Second, there is room for more cuts. As an example, the library is closing locations, but why extend the hours and the number of employees at the main library on Sunday at double-time day? Why do we pay double-time in these times anyway? We can do without the main library on Sunday. Closing these facilities will not save a lot of money unless the number of employees is reduced. In industry, we had a saying: Real costs walk.

Why do politicians always take the easy road and raise taxes? If they do so this time, it will be at the expense of my vote and votes from many like-minded citizens.

Paul J. Desmarais

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