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Democrats are to blame for the mess the nation finds itself in
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I would think even the most ill-informed would agree the world and our country are in a very sad state in many respects. The Mideast is in bloody chaos where Christians and others are being slaughtered by the thousands. Our economy ($18 trillion in debt and counting) is a house of cards and the big money boys are calling the shots.

Russia continues with their unabated aggression. Our border is a security farce. Yet, President Barack Obama wants to compound the problem by bringing in 200,000 more who cannot be vetted with even the slightest pretense of accuracy.

Planned Parenthood continues its horrific business with the blessings of the Democrats in spite of undeniable evidence they are involved in a business that smacks of Hitler’s concentration camps. The “Extreme Court” continues its reckless activity, wrecking marriage and making laws that don’t have the remotest constitutional support. The war on Christians is gaining momentum by the hour, being cheered on by the Dems.

It also appears we will be destined to live under the threat of a nuclear holocaust from a maniacal regime that chants death to America and vows to exterminate God’s chosen people. Our foreign policy is a disaster created by incompetent leadership or the gross lack of it and has made the world a much more dangerous place.

Who is primarily responsible for this mess? I would submit it is the Democratic Party. The Dems are not about what is good for our country but they are about helping themselves to the big pork pot and their liberal agenda.

Who do they offer as a savior from our troubles? A lying, tired old woman, a self-avowed socialist and Crazy Uncle Joe. In the meanwhile, the party follows Obama like a herd of blind, mindless mice even if it continues to drag us down the road to moral and financial ruin.

If you like what you have seen and experienced in the last seven years, then vote for Democrats and you can see more of the same on steroids. Another four years, God forbid eight, of rampant lawlessness and we will have moved past the point of no return. I yearn to have a president who I can look up to with a sense of pride, who has the ability to heal the nation’s wounds of division and can restore the integrity and dignity due of the office.

I pray we will have that person in the White House in 2016. I don’t see any Democrat or socialist who can meet the job requirements.

Gary Gambrell

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