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Letter: White supremacy, extremism is not the answer
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Members of Muslim religious groups leave after a special blessing ceremony Monday, March 18, 2019, near the site of Friday's shooting outside the Linwood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. Three days after Friday's attack, New Zealand's deadliest shooting in modern history, relatives were anxiously waiting for word on when they can bury their loved ones. - photo by Associated Press

The white supremacy movement is alive and active. White supremacists appear to be fearful of nonwhites. The fact that they are outnumbered by nonwhites possibly makes them apprehensive about losing their power and their authority.

Are white supremacists not aware that all humanity had its beginnings in Africa? That has been proven by human DNA and by cultural artifacts.

Because humans evolved from an earlier species, I suspect that early humans were nonwhite. In any case, whites are in the minority today.

Furthermore, Christianity may not remain the dominant religion in the future. The Pew Research Center indicates that by 2050 the number of Muslims will outnumber Christians in the world. Does that give white supremacists a valid reason to kill Muslims at worship?

Muslims claim the God of Abraham to be their God. Christians also believe in the God of Abraham. Jews were the first to claim the God of Abraham to be their God. All groups believe that their specific revelation from God is the correct one.

All religions have their extremists that exclude other religions as being heretical. However, no person has the right to decide that someone from a differing religion should be killed because of their beliefs.

I had a Muslim neighbor when I lived near Asheville, N.C. We were friends and appreciated the support we gave each other. I was invited to attend a Muslim mosque.

I took off my shoes and participated in a combined service of Christians and Muslims celebrating our commonality. It is compassion for each other, not killing, that creates a better world.

White supremacy and fear mongering are not the answer and if the U.S. president tags immigrants of color as an invasion of rapists and criminals, he is indeed enabling the belief in white supremacy.

Calvin King


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