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Letter: We should turn back to tradition, character and absolute truth
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Why are segments of our society at odds with America’s past and present?

The overriding cause is brainwashing by public schools and most colleges. How? Textbooks and teaching minimize our true history, emphasize problems, omit cures and solutions and outright alter our history — offering a propagandized narrative. 

As to other causes, many of the brainwashed and too many left-leaners consider our prior generations as squares and dummies — bound by traditions, not enlightened, too spiritual and limited by believing in absolute truth. 

Not enough ease and frivolity — too few thrills. They’re looking for that elusive, and unattainable, happiness (not joy) — material and sensorial pleasures, nothing to do with values. 

Tired of the status quo, the mundane life, they crave the new and unusual, want the latest bright and shiny thing no matter its utility so long as it entertains for a period of time. 

Wanting to be thought of as forward thinking (dare I say “progressive”?), old traditions are shunned. Supposedly intellectually elevated, they feel there’s something better and think only they have access to it. Only problem, the real “better” — God’s future kingdom on earth — has no place in their thinking or in their pursuits. 

They have bought into group identity. Having done so, they must find a past national sin to address the grievance of each identified group. You’ve heard the alleged sins — conquest, colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, white privilege, cultural appropriation and all the rest. Of course, it’s mostly a bunch of carefully calculated hogwash. 

They don’t hold a realistic view of humankind — fallen and subject to constant error, greed and corruption. America’s past, in the sense of human leadership, only matches all of world history — mistakes, frequent faulty judgment and pratfalls. They’re blind to their same behavior, even as they criticize and condemn America and its past. 

Their worldview is radically different from yesteryear. Honorable traditions and pursuit of virtue are out. Absolute truth is anathema. They’re ruled by feelings, not objectivity. Their shades of truth, compromises, accommodations and false victimhoods have led many to full-blown relativism. Relativism, sanctioning every group’s activities as acceptable, ultimately leads to gross lawlessness, chaos and irreversible decline. 

They may laugh at a wrinkled, yellowed picture of a modest family in plain clothes and with somber countenances, but those families had character. Mostly, that character was built on the Puritan work ethic and belief that providence established this nation. 

They will find, as some are already finding, that an obsession with blaming America, discarding artifacts and history, holding no traditions of value and virtue, foregoing accountability, accepting immoral practices and rejecting true spirituality will not bring the expected happiness and contentment and certainly not manmade utopia. 

We could all take a cue from the generations that survived the Great Depression and WWII.

Gary B. Hulsey