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Letter: Vote to appoint Kavanaugh to Supreme Court is historic mistake
10092018 SCOTUS

The Senate hearings for confirmation of Brent Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court are over, and it he was confirmed this weekend. It was quite a spectacle, and with Kavanaugh on the court, we will see a very rightward lean to the court for the probably the next 40 years.

The impact of Kavanaugh on the court as the fifth member of the conservative wing of the court replacing Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was quite often the swing vote on critical issues, will make a major change on many decisions before the court.

Several things come to my mind regarding Kavanaugh. I’m sure President Donald Trump picked him because he had stated he didn’t believe a sitting president should be investigated. I would agree with this regarding civil suits, but criminal offenses needed to be investigated whoever they are.

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was truthful. Additionally, Kavanaugh was not truthful in his testimony. During his Fox News softball interview, he was a choir boy. A few days later, he admitted to drinking in high school and college (not unusual), and at times too much, but why did he lie from the start? And, how many people really buy his “Devil’s Triangle” story?

I think the previously mentioned issues would have been enough to not confirm Kavanaugh. Keeping in mind the fact Trump had a long list of judges who basically share Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy. I find it amazing that even the Republicans could vote to confirm him after the rant he went on blaming the Democrats for being angry over Trump’s election and his involvement with the Clinton impeachment as the reason they were against him. For a Supreme Court nominee, this type of rant was unprecedented. How many cases before the court will Kavanaugh have to recuse himself from due to the prejudicial comments he made?

Trump can now go to his professional wrestling-type rallies and make fun of Professor Ford as he has previously, brag how he got Kavanaugh on the court and the crowd will cheer. Unless there is someone like the man at a rally recently who wasn’t clapping and cheering enough, so they removed him from the crowd. And not one Republican will stand up and take the president to task for the way he acts.

Looking forward, the Senate needs to go back to requiring 60 votes for confirmation of justices. It was a mistake changing confirmation to a simple majority. We would have a more balanced court that represented the country as a whole. We have to be very careful when we make lifetime appointments.

Steve Deming


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