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Letter: US must lead the way in green energy
04132018 CLIMATE 02.jpg
Brenau senior Lauren Gaddis, center, and other students sign-in to the “Climate Change: A Common Sense Approach and Free Market Solution,” forum and panel discussion at Brenau's Hosch Theatre in Gainesville, on Thursday, April 12, 2018. - photo by David Barnes

America, wake up! The handwriting is on the wall. The times they are a changing. 

We no more can cling to the use of fossil fuels than past generations could cling to oil and kerosene over electricity or horse and buggy over automobiles. The future of energy is in renewables like wind and solar. If America is to remain competitive in the world, we have to be the leaders, not the laggards, in the Green Energy Revolution. 

China is spending $360 billion by 2020 on renewable energy, which will result in 13 million new Chinese jobs, and it installed more solar last year than has the U.S. in its history. China is leaving us behind. We cannot allow that to happen! 

It is time for the U.S. to put its differences aside and take its rightful place as the world leader in clean energy. 

A carbon fee and dividend plan as proposed by Citizens Climate Lobby is a conservative, market-driven plan that can accomplish that purpose. Simply place a fair price on the production of carbon from fossil fuels and return that money to all U.S. citizens in a monthly dividend check. 

That would rapidly cause fossil fuels to be more expensive than solar and wind. It would fuel American ingenuity and investment in clean energy and rapidly convert us away from fossil fuels and into the use of solar and wind. Simple, fair, effective, market-driven. 

Even if people do not believe in climate change, it would grow our economy and put more money back into the average American’s pocketbook, even after accounting for the increase in energy costs.

Citizens Climate Lobby is having a group start training program to form a CCL chapter in Gainesville from 1-4:30 p.m. Sunday, May 6, in the Winsome room at First Baptist Church in Gainesville. Anyone interested in working with this organization is invited to attend. 

Vernon Dixon


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