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Letter: UN panel’s new report makes it clear that climate change is here

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just came out with its latest report, and it confirmed the worst fears over climate change. The IPCC consists of hundreds of the top climate change experts from around the world that reviewed more than 6,000 peer reviewed articles on climate change in an effort to advise governments on a course of action on climate change. It warned of increased wildfires, droughts, crop loss, flooding and massive coral reef die-offs unless civilization makes drastic changes in our energy systems. The report also said these may occur as early as 2040, much earlier than previously believed, and would result in $69 trillion in damages if our temperature increases by 2 degrees C.

We have the warnings. Now we have a choice. We can choose to take this seriously and make the changes necessary to stop this catastrophe from happening, or we can continue to ignore, deny or otherwise hide from these warnings and pass on the inevitable consequences to future generations. We can choose life or death. What will we choose?

Fortunately, we have the ability and the tools necessary to make the decisions to prevent this from happening. The price of wind and solar are now competitive with coal and natural gas. The IPCC report goes on to say the most efficient way to prevent the worst of this damage is to put a price on the production of greenhouse gases to account for their damage.

Citizens Climate Lobby and the Conservative Climate Leadership are proposing such a solution. Now we can hope and pray that our lawmakers will heed the call to action

Vernon Dixon


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