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Letter: Trump followers aren’t listening to trusted sources of conservative ideas

In this era of Trump, I often ask myself: What or whom do the president’s supporters read for educated opinions, wisdom and guidance? No matter how strongly one believes in a politician or a cause, few of us can say we’re as educated about public policy as we need to be; therefore, reasonable people turn to sources we trust to keep us honest and make us think.

I’m a self-described liberal/progressive and have been my whole adult life. My parents were moderate Republicans, and because of my upbringing I’ve always read and respected smart and trustworthy conservatives such as William F. Buckley and James J. Kilpatrick. The philosophical debate between liberals and conservatives goes all the way back to Plato and Aristotle; most thinking individuals acknowledge that both camps have ideas worthy of consideration and that compromise is crucial to the formation of fair and successful public policy.

Today, intellectuals such as George Will and Bill Kristol carry on the traditions of Buckley and Kilpatrick; David Brooks and Charles Krauthammer are respected Republican thinkers as well. But here’s the rub: These well-educated, conscientious men are vehemently opposed to our current president. They and many other conservatives are appalled by Donald Trump’s self-centered, uneducated, seat-of-the-pants approach to conducting the business of our country. These men are not part of the “swamp” but are patriots with knowledge and integrity. They believe in learning from history and making informed decisions.

So my question to Trump followers reading this is: Aren’t you listening to these people? If not, and if you have other respectable sources, please identify them so we can try to understand their thinking. If your sources are cable news and extremist websites, please investigate the writers’ educations and other credentials before you allow them to influence you. Such is the responsibility of every good citizen.

Priscilla Wilson


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