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Letter: There’s more to saving women, babies than anti-abortion bills
Georgia's state Capitol in Atlanta. - photo by Associated Press

I support Georgia lowering its abortion rates. However, House Bill 481 will not do that, and it will not save any lives.

If our legislators care about saving babies, they should encourage legislation that proposes and/or supports improving prenatal care in our state.

There exist more realistic and safer options for Georgia to lower its abortion rates.

First, we can expand Medicaid to help women afford prenatal care and to help the rural areas of our state where eight hospitals have shut down over the last five years.

Second, we can focus on getting ob/gyns in every county in Georgia. Eighty counties in our state don't have an ob/gyn. The only way for a woman to get a birth control pill is to get a prescription; if she doesn't have access to a doctor, she can't reasonably get a prescription.

Third, Georgia legislators need to address the fact that Georgia's maternal mortality rate is the worst in the nation. Making sure that mothers can survive childbirth to take care of their babies should be a top priority for anyone who values life, and yet, no mention of this issue is included in any current legislation.

Effective strategies are needed to reduce the number of Georgia abortions, not expedient measures that make for popular campaign slogans.  

I urge the residents of Hall Country to contact their legislators and urge them to address these actual issues and not the ineffective HB 481 legislation.

John Moore


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