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Letter: There are 2 sides in debate over global warming
02012018 LETTER

I am writing today in response to the recent Citizens’ Climate Lobby town hall meeting and the letter in The Times on Tuesday, May 1.

I can easily agree that, as a Christian, I should be concerned about the environment and I do acknowledge that God appointed man to be the steward of this world certainly not a destroyer of it.

However, today our society needs to hear the other side of the “climate change” and “global warming” discussion. I have heard ad nauseam the worn and inaccurate leading headline that 97 percent of scientists agree with global warming. My first problem with this false statement is the smugness it implies.

For instance, when that worn-out response is used, the implication is: Who are you to challenge them? These people are not gods. They are not always correct or even honest.

I remember President Barack Obama stating “97 percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.”

Two problems, Mr. Former President. Not only are you sloppily equating “scientists” with “climate scientists,” but more importantly you added “dangerous” to the 97 percent claim, which is not found in the literature you paid for or commissioned.

Here is a side to the story from a contributor to Forbes that he may not have heard: "Since the end of 2012, total polar ice extent has largely remained above the post-1979 average." This is important because current data is contradicting the asserted global warming claims that polar ice caps are receding due to global warming.

Updated NASA satellite data show the polar ice caps remained at approximately their 1979 extent until the middle of the last decade. 

You might remember Al Gore predicted the Arctic ice cap could completely disappear by 2014. It has not.

Earth has warmed modestly and will likely continue to warm modestly as a result of natural and human factors.

According to, "President Donald Trump has been excoriated for his decision to have the United States exit the Paris Climate Accord" and for having opinions on global warming very similar to my own. "However, one very influential man, John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, has his back" (and mine).

"In a series of tweets and emails Coleman sent to Gore and various Democratic supporters and organizations, he called out climate alarmists with a barrage of facts based on actual science and not wishful thinking.

"As it turns out, if you chart global temperatures back into the 1970s, there are absolutely no signs of global warming. There’s been less than 1 degree temperature change since 1978 and no warming to speak of since 1998.

"The truth is that the government has been manipulating climate computer models." 

It is crucial to understand what the facts are, from whom those facts come, how they are interpreted and, for Christians, what the spiritual implications are. I urge you to be accurately and fully informed.

Tom Smiley


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