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Letter: Tailgating drivers threaten the rest of us with deadly weapons
02102019 TRAFFIC 8.jpg
Traffic moves along Ga. Highway 365 between Howard and Ramsey roads Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. - photo by Scott Rogers

In the Gainesville area, there are hundreds of people who pose a criminally dangerous, potentially deadly hazard for the rest of us. They don’t carry guns, knives, grenades, dynamite or other weapons associated with lawlessness. Instead, they drive their cars far too close to the drivers ahead of them.

Consider how many times you have been driving the speed limit when suddenly you saw a car or truck behind you invading the recommended space we were taught to maintain in driver’s ed. You worried that they might hit you, as close as they were.

Have you had these bullies blink their lights, blow their horns and even pass you on a double yellow line? I have, frequently.

Nothing you try intimidates them. Point at the speed sign both of you can see, they don’t blink. Wave for them to back away, they don’t.

In my judgment, it’s time for local law enforcement to pay closer attention to this serious threat. Stop tailgaters when you see them. Ticket them. Take them to court and administer heavy fines or even incarceration for repeat offenders. Drivers like me — and thousands of others who obey the law and value serenity and safety — deserve protection.

Bill Lampton


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