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Letter: School officials, motorists offered students comfort, aid after bus crash
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On Wednesday morning, May 16, my school bus (No. 2105) was involved in a collision with another vehicle on Thompson Bridge Road. I first want to thank God that none of my kids or I suffered any serious injuries. This was a true miracle considering the impact and destruction.

Two passing motorists, Tonya Hall and Anita Ledbetter, got onto my bus immediately. They are two angels that helped comfort and console 19 terrified kids. I couldn’t have done this without your help. 

Mount Vernon Principal Jennifer Westbrook and Asst Principal Rebecca Fisher raced to the scene after receiving notification. They couldn’t reach us by car, so they ran up the road to get to their kids. It was a great sense of relief for my kids and me to see those two familiar faces.

Thank you to all of the people from the Hall County Transportation Department and the Student Services Department who helped on the bus in addition to joining others at the hospital. Administrators from North Hall Middle School, North Hall High and Mount Vernon Elementary are to be thanked for being there for us as well.

Also, thank you first responders and Northeast Georgia Medical Center for taking care of the kids as well as their parents.

A special thank you to Clay Hobbs for staying with my husband and me until I was discharged.

I am no hero. I did what any parent would do for their kids, take care of them first. Any Hall County bus driver would have done the same. We all love our kids as if they were our own. The real heroes were the kids. They were brave, followed instructions, and some consoled others in a vary scary situation.

Although we suffered no losses, the Anderson family was less fortunate. They lost their beautiful daughter, Summer. Please know that everyone is praying for strength and comfort for all of you. May Lonnie and Zachary Anderson have a speedy and complete recovery.

Barbara Flowers


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